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Stock Up Your Pantry With Old Fashioned Canning Recipes From The Past

Vintage Canning and Preserving
Vintage Canning

In the current situation long term food storage and self sufficiency are suddenly at the forefront. Let's take a look to back in time to past generations for some preserving food methods and recipes.

How To Can Tomatoes
How To Can Tomatoes 1929 Recipe

With victory gardens and fruit trees in the backyard, surplus was never wasted. Retro housewives were often busy in the kitchen canning fruits and vegetables. Here are some classic favorite recipes and tips. From canning veggies to fruit preserves, give these treasured recipes a try.

The first recipe is for canning tomatoes from 1929.

How To Can Tomatoes
How To Can Tomatoes 1929 Recipe

Next up is a recipe for making fermented pickles from 1930. These are great for your gut health.

Vintage Pickle Recipe
1930's Recipe For Fermented Pickles

From the 1940's here are some recipes for fruit preserves. A favorite of mine is strawberry jam to give away at Christmas time using frozen strawberries.

1940's Fruit Jam Recipes
Vintage Preserve Recipes

How about a nice vintage scone recipe to go with those preserves?

Vintage Scone Recipe
1950's Scone Recipe

And for the thrifty kitchen in need of some cream to go with your scones and jam. Here is a mock cream recipe from 1932.


You know what it’s like. Guests come round unexpectedly. You open up the special can of fruit salad you’ve been saving for an exciting desert. Suddenly the full horror hits. You can no longer afford cream. Panic no more. Put one cup of milk on to boil. While boiling, moisten a dessertspoon of cornflour with a little milk. Then stir the moistened cornflour into the milk and cook for three minutes, stirring all the time. Place in a basin to cool, and, while so doing, beat a dessertspoon of butter and a tablespoon of sugar to a cream with a wooden spoon. Stir in the cornflour very gradually, one tablespoon at a time. The ‘cream’ will then materialize.

Hope you enjoy trying these vintage recipes in your kitchen. Let's make the most of our time at home, try new things and cherish loved ones. All the best till next time.

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