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The 50s Housewife: Retro Eye Candy Vol 7

50s housewife

The 50s housewife took pride in the numerous daily home tasks. Often seen scurrying about doing chores in a shirt dress, apron and heels. Her home was her domain and she ran it like a well oiled machine.

She did each task with master skill and care. She was thrifty, practical and the most gracious host, allways making visitors feel comfortable and welcomed in her immaculate home.

Her role was vital to the family. She was glue that held it all together. Often times sacrificing much to keep her husband and children happy and healthy.

This Retro Eye Candy Series is dedicated to all the old fashioned housewives out there. The grandmas, the mothers past and present. Thank you for all your care and love.

50s housewife

50s housewife

50s housewife


1950s Housewife

50s Housewife

1950s Housewife

50s Housewife Guide

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50s Housewife Dress



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