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How it all started

Ever since I can remember, I have always had an affinity for old things. It all started where I grew up.​ We lived in a house built in the late 1800’s and I spent many hours exploring every nook and cranny as a child.



As my parents remodeled the house, I was often enlisted to help. One of my jobs was to scrape back years of old paint on the wood trim. It was rewarding to find the beautiful oak wood hiding underneath. It was a lovely old house, full of character and each piece of furniture in it had a history too.



Avid antique hunters, I would tag along with my parents as they found their treasures. Always enjoying a good rummage and discovering things from yesteryear's.


Some of my fondest memories are the summers spent with my grandparents at their cottage. 

​They had a beautiful property with a garden, lots of grass, a creek and woods. I recall with great pleasure all the simple things that I was exposed to while staying with them.



Grandma never held a “job” or drove. She was an old fashioned housewife, and the home was her domain. She did each task with master skill and care. She canned vegetables from the garden. Baked delicious pies from the blackberries we picked. She was thrifty but practical, and was the most gracious host I ever met. She always made people feel comfortable.

She will forever be an inspiration to me. I admire how she flourished as a homemaker and wife during World War 2 and beyond. She never conformed to the pressures of “modern living” and kept things simple but splendid.

These are some of the experiences that ignited my passion for all things retro. Simple things, vintage things, old fashioned ways...that’s what brings a smile to my face.


It gives me joy to use modern technology to bring the past to the present at Old Soul Retro.​ My passion keeps me hunting for the best retro treasures available. 


I hope you enjoy shopping our collections and reminiscing through our articles.

From one old soul to another, thank you for visiting !

Rachel Davies

Old Soul Retro ™

Old Soul Retro Curator~Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies
Retro Curator
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