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18 Rare Photos of Elvis and His Mum for Mother's Day : Retro Eye Candy Vol 8

Retro Mothers Day 18 Rare Photos of Elvis and his Mum

For Retro Mother's Day Inspiration I thought I would gather together photos of Elvis and his mother Gladys.

Elvis had a close relationship with his mother. While touring, Elvis would dutifully call Gladys every night. The two had an extremely close connection.

Elvis and His Mum Retro Mothers Day

Elvis and Mother Gladys via

Elvis and His Mum Gladys

Elvis and Gladys

Elvis and his Mother- Retro Mothers Day

A record from 1953 was recently discovered of Elvis. It is said the eighteen year old walked into a Memphis recording studio and recorded the record to give to his mom as a gift. The song he sang, "My Happiness".

"I was an only child, and Mother was always right with me all my life. I used to get very angry at her when I was growing up-it's a natural thing." -Elvis

Elvis and his Mother

Elvis and his Mum

Elvis and Mother

"My mother, she never really wanted anything. She stayed the same through it all. There are a lot of things that's happened since she passed away. I wish she could have been around to see them. It would have made her very happy and proud, but that's life, and I can't help it" - Elvis

Elvis and Mother

Retro Mothers Day with Elvis and Gladys

Elvis and his Mom

"We were an affectionate family. My mother was the most wonderful person in the world. I always felt a little bit lonely, maybe a better word would be 'incomplete', when I was little. But I could tell my mother about it, how I felt and then the feeling would go away. I suppose it might have been different if my brother had lived... But he didn't live, and I grew up alone. I guess my mother - and my father, too, of course - were trying to make up for that by giving me enough love for both." - Elvis

Elvis and Gladys. Mother's Day Quote

Upon her death in 1958, Elvis is quoted as saying, "Mother, I would give every dime I have and even dig ditches just to have you back." Elvis sent flowers to her grave site every week until his own death 19 years later.

Elvis and his Mother- Retro Mother's Day

Retro Mother's Day. Elvis and Mother

Retro Mothers Day- Elvis and Mom Gladys

Read a tribute from Graceland to Gladys Presley for Mother's Day here A Mother's Day Tribute: Gladys Presley

Wishing all Mother's a special day full of love and appreciation for all you do.

For those who no longer have their Mother's here, may you feel love and comfort in reflecting on their memory this Mother's Day and always.

Retro Shopping Tip : Why not give your Mom a sentimental gift from the past this Mother's Day.

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