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What Is The Best Foundation Garment To Wear Under Your Retro Clothes?

Ever wonder why that amazing retro dress doesn't quite fit you right? It is because the majority of women back in the 50's and 60's wore foundation garments.

Shapers, girdles, all in ones, waist cinchers and long-line bras sculpt bodies. They were worn underneath all those gorgeous retro wiggle, shift and swing dresses. Creating glamorous hourglass figures.

Recommended Shapewear For 50's Style Clothing

Shift or Sheath Dress - A lightweight all in one briefer. Try Rago 9051.

Flounce Skirt or Mermaid Dress - Sculpting long line bra with a high waist panty girdle. If you need more smoothing try a moderate support all in one open bottom briefer. Try Rago 2202 and Rago 6107 or Rago 9357.

Circle Skirt - Contouring bra with a panty girdle and flat panel petticoat. Try Rago 2101 and Rago 619

Swing Dress or A-line dress - Medium support open bottom girdle with contour lifting bra. Try Rago 1294 or 1357.

Low Waist Dress or Drop Waist Dress - Extra firm open bottom girdle with a shaping bra Try Rago 1294.

Wiggle Dress or Wiggle Skirt - Contour bra, extra firm open bottom girdle with waist cincher. If you need extra smoothing give the long leg style extra firm body briefer a go. Try Rago 1357 and Rago 2107.

Final Tips For Wearing Foundation Garments

Consider these positive points when wearing vintage style shapewear.

A girdle can improve your posture. Helping you sit straighter and stand taller.

Besides the posture benefits it can also promote a more positive body image. Making you feel glamorous and confident.

Explore and shop foundation garments, seamed stockings and more on our Retro Intimates page.

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