50s Retro Lingerie,Petticoats & Stockings


Give all the right emphasis in all the right places with 1950s style lingerie, satin bullet bras, garter belts, silky seamed stockings and high quality petticoats.

Women of the 1940s & 1950s enhanced their shape with girdles, corselettes, long line bras, bullet bras and corsets.


Foundation wear or shape-wear as it is called today, was at its peak during the mid forties and early fifties. It was during this time that the fashionable wasp waist look was in style. In order to create the voluminous skirt look with a nipped in waist, a girdle or foundation wear was necessary. 

Check out our post about Rago foundation wear. A company that has been shaping women since the 1940s and is featured here at oldsoulretro.com

We also breakdown the best foundation garments to wear under your retro clothes here.

Don't forget the vintage style stockings. High quality seamed stockings look and feel more comfortable than any stockings you've ever worn. They stretch from top to toe to fit you perfectly and hug every part of your leg.

What are the best stocking options to go with your 50s clothing? Curious about the differences in denier? Our retro stocking guide explains it all for you.  

Satin Circle Stitch Bullet Bra

50s Style bullet bra with circling stitching for retro shaping.

Leopard Satin Bullet Bra

Retro bullet bra in black leopard print.

Coquette Satin Bullet Bra

Black satin 50s retro style bullet bra.

Retro Bullet Bra

Satin bullet bra in yellow

Rago Long Line Bra

This classic 50s long line bra gives great support.

Satin Bullet Bra

1950s style satin bullet bra with circular stitching that defines a Bullet Bra.

Rago 72522 Garter Belt

50s Style garter belt. A Rago classic.

Rago Waist Cincher

Pulls in the waist for that hourglass figure.

Rago 9051

Classic 50s style girdle. Smooth and contours so you look your best.

Rago High Waist Panty

High waist panty helps slim tummy and hips. Attached garters.

Rago Half Slip with Panty

Slimming half slip with built in panties.

Rago 9057

Retro body shape-wear. Smooths and contours your body for those figure hugging wiggle dresses.

Rago Coquette Girdle

Retro style girdle with attached garters. Tummy slimming panel.

Rago Open Bottom Body Briefer

Retro open bottom body shape-wear. Controls and contours.

Rago Zipper Girdle

This open bottom zipper girdle contours and shapes.

Dita Glamour French Heel Stockings

Full fashion retro seamed stocking in contrasting colors. The glamorous french heel elongates legs and gently tapers into a Eiffel Tower like shape.

Dita Daytime Sheer Stockings

Comfortable retro seamed stocking for everyday use. Sheer with lightly reinforced toe. Perfect for those peek a boo open toe shoes

Dita Glamour Stockings

Retro sheer seamed stockings made of nylon. Perfect addition to your retro vintage wardrobe.

50s Style Quality Cuban Stockings

Cuban heel stockings have a square tip and are a classic for the 50s retro style.

40 Denier French Lace Top Stocking

40 Denier is a popular choice for working women for it's durability. The french heel is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower with it's pointy shape.

15 Denier True 1950s Style Memphis Heel

The Memphis heel accentuates the shape and length of legs.

Fancy Seamed Stockings

A modern touch to the retro seamed stocking.

Manhattan Art Deco Style Seamed Stockings

Inspired by the NYC skyline of course. It combines the look of Cuban and French heel stockings.

Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Stockings

An affordable tried and true brand in retro vintage seamed stockings.

15 Denier Pyramid Shaped Heel Seamed Stockings

This pointed heel stocking is less prone to getting runs at 15 denier.

70 Denier Cuban Heeled Retro Vintage Stockings

High grade denier that is more resistant to snagging and provides a opaque look.

High Quality Chiffon Petticoat

Made of fluffy soft and luxurious chiffon. This knee length petticoat adds that retro 50s look to your swing dress or circle skirt.

Retro Lace Tap Shorts

Roaring 1920's style tap shorts with contrasting lace accents.

High Waist Shaping Brief

This retro high waist shaping brief is perfect under those snug fitting dresses and skirts.

Retro High Waist Brief

A classic retro high waist control brief. Perfect for slimming. Creates a smooth profile under those wiggle dresses and skirts.

Retro Dita Control Brief

Retro panties with lace accents. Control brief for tummy slimming effect.

Retro Dita High Cut Lace Brief

Retro panties with high cut lace. Full figure brief

Retro Dita Full Brief

Retro black satin style full brief panties with accents.

Retro Emerald Garter Belt

Flirty retro garter belt in a unique emerald green color.

Retro Dita Garter

Black retro style 6 strap garter belt. Lovely lace accents.

Retro Dita Garter Belt

Retro ivory color 6 strap garter belt to hold your seamed nylons in place.

Retro Silk Pajamas

A retro classic. Reminiscent of the old Hollywood starlets pajamas. Luxurious real silk is a treat that you deserve.

Retro Lace Trim Satin Robe

Contrasting color lace trim. This retro style satin robe is a must have to slip into after a hard days work.

Luxury Silk Robe

Luxurious silk retro style robe with contrasting lace trim accents.