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Stockings are an important addition for anyone wearing 1950s inspired clothing. They feel silky smooth, look elegant, add a touch of class and exude femininity.

Worn with a ruffled petticoat, swing dress or circle skirt. Or paired with an open bottom girdle or a high waisted garter belt and wiggle dress. Stockings complete the look.
They come in a variety of choices such as seamed, seamless, different fancy heels, reinforced toe, non reinforced and fish nets. Seamed stockings being the most popular with 50s enthusiasts.


But what is denier? 

Denier is the weave of the hosiery, the thickness of the individual threads. You can determine the sheerness of stockings by the denier count or number. The lower the number, the finer the thread and more sheer.  The higher denier count, the thicker the thread, less sheer and more opaque.

Here is a general guide:

8 - 10 Denier: Extremely sheer or ultra sheer, light weight stocking. Perfect for summer 40s and 50s dresses. Although fragile and more prone to snagging and running.

10 - 20 Denier: Still sheer but with a touch of opaque. Stronger and less prone to snagging or getting runs. A go to choice of stocking for everyday wear.

20 - 40 Denier: Semi Opaque stocking. Heavier, thicker thread with good coverage and strength. It is a popular choice for working women as it provides some leg support.

40 - 50 Denier: Opaque thick stocking which would be considered tights in todays terms. Perfect stocking choice for cold winter days or for someone who stands all day at work. They have maximum strength, with little to no sheerness.

You can find a beautiful selection of quality stockings from Secrets in Lace. They are a world leader in authentic nylons with classic and vintage stocking choices, including the famous burlesque bombshell Dita Von Teese collection. Dita's stockings are as close to the original 1950s stockings as you can get.

You can also find a jaw dropping extensive selection of stockings from the world's largest hosiery store UK Tights. They deliver anywhere in the world.

Feel free to save and/or share this handy info-graphic to help out when shopping for your next pair of retro vintage stockings.

Written By: Retro Curator - Rachel Davies

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