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Rago Foundation Wear - Shaping the 1940's and Beyond

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Rago Foundations started in 1945 by Italian immigrants Jack Rago and Matty Marchisella. They perfected their product line by listening to their customers needs. Their expertise in design and sewing created a foundation company that is still alive and well today.

Foundation wear or shape-wear as it is called today, was at its peak during the mid forties and early fifties. It was during this time that the fashionable wasp waist look was in style.

Rago Foundation Wear History

In order to create this voluminous skirt look with nipped in waist, a girdle or foundation wear was necessary. Rago was a popular choice with women across the USA.

During the 1960's, women's lib nearly wiped foundation wear companies off the map.

With the invention of the panty hose, most companies sales plummeted and closed their doors.

Thankfully. Rago survived and after 60 plus years, is a leading company in the industry.

Today it is a favorite among true retro/vintage fans.

Creating more than 300 shapes for women through the years, Rago remains a quality, comfortable, well crafted product. It is still made in the USA, and continues its tradition of fit, function and attention to detail.

* Shopping Hint - Click on the picture below to shop for Rago shape wear. Also check out our Vintage Stockings, Bullet Bras and Petticoat Page for all the latest in 1940's 1950's lingerie.

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