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Young Frank Sinatra Sent His Signature For Analysis

Frank Sinatra 1940s

While rummaging through old magazines, I found an unusual clipping about Frank Sinatra.

In the mid 1940's he sent his signature to American graphologist Helen Cartwright for analysis. Here are her findings that were published in a vintage Photoplay magazine.

Helen Cartwright reveals that Sinatra has ego and arrogance, tired nerves and argumentativeness.

Cartwright said that the singer will fight things out to a finish and can assert himself for what he thinks is right and honest.

He has plenty of aggressiveness, but can be quite meek and shy.

She ends her analysis by saying that Sinatra is misunderstood by many people.

Bobby-soxers who only see the Sinatra glamour never realize that actually he is serious and often unhappy when he is alone with his thoughts.

Frank Sinatra 40s

I also found this clipping, that I just had to include. I don't know what kind of truth it holds, but it's sweet nonetheless. Photoplay magazine was obviously geared towards teens and entertainment.

I saw it happen: Frank Sinatra

And who can mention Frank Sinatra without recognizing his amazing smooth crooner voice. Here is "I've Got A Crush On You" from the movie Meet Danny Wilson (1951)

Credits :

Photoplay Magazine

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