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Vintage Celebrity Photo Booth Pictures

The photo booth brings a smile to all of us. Who can forget squeezing inside one with a bunch of friends, sliding the curtain close and making silly faces?

Believe it or not, photo booths have been around since 1925. The first one was featured by inventor Anatol Josepho, in New York City . It was an immediate success. People lined up around the block to have their photos taken for 25 cents. As many as 7,500 people a day sat inside. Even the Governor and Senator.

Before long, the Photomaton, as it was called, could be found all over the world.

Around the 1950's, complaints started coming in from Photomatons in Woolworth's and other stores. People were getting a little cheeky behind the curtain.

As a result Woothworth's removed the curtains to discourage the thrill seekers.

Nevertheless, the popularity still increased and soon Hollywood caught on to the excitement.

Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley and even President John Kennedy and his wife nestled inside the booth for a cozy little picture.