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The 60's Mod Culture | Retro Eye Candy Vol 5

This series of Retro Eye Candy visually explores the mod culture in England during the sixties.

Brought about by a teenage spending spree and a new sense of freedom. Mods wanted to stand out from the crowd, look individual. Their sense of style was derived from a mixture of Italian and French continental.

Sixties Mod Suit
60's Mod Womens Fashion

60s Mod Woman

The new style conscious youth started wearing crisp, light weight, slim tailored suits. An affront to the gray baggy suit working class generation of their parents.

60s Mod Tailored Suit

60s Mod Suits
60s Mod Suit and scooter

Their style was central, a way of life apart from the past. It was about freedom and a new working class. Heavily influenced by consumerism. The sixties marked an unusual time in history for youth in England. Free from the restrains of mandatory military service, youth was free to express themselves and spend their money as they wished. They splashed pounds on clothing, record shopping, clubbing and European scooters.

Tailored Mod Suit Maker of the Sixties
A 1960s Mod Clothing Store Biba
Listening to records in records store 1960's

Sixties Mod Scooter with Mirrors

Sixties Mod Scooters

1960s Mod Scooter Culture

Sixties Mod Couple

1960s Mod Scene

60s Mod Couple with scooter

The Mod hangouts were ballrooms turned into all nighters. They would dance the night away to imported R&B music from the USA. Many B sides of records and underground R&B artists were popular in the dance scene. They danced the "swim" and made up their own moves.

60s Mod All nighter Dance Jazz at Flamingo

1960s The Twisted Wheel Mod Scene Northern Soul

Sixties Female Mod Dancers

The culture went mainstream with the show Ready Steady Go !

60s Ready Steady Go Mod Scene

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Image Credits & Pinterest

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