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One Of A Kind Retro Christmas Gifts That Will Leave Them Smiling

Looking for a unique gift that is sure to leave an impression ? An out of the ordinary Christmas gift that will make you stand out ? Here are a few of our favorite unique retro Christmas gifts that'll bring joy to the recipient.

Heart Warming Retro Christmas Gift Ideas

Create your own retro view finder. Include your favorite photographs into this replica View-Master. Recall those special moments in a unique way.

Retro Christmas Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

For the retro music lovers on your Christmas list. We found this amazing retro style amp clock. You can personalize it too.

We found a great retro Christmas gift for that someone on your list who seems to have everything. I bet they don't have this. A one of a kind personalized retro vinyl album. You get to choose the label and up to five songs.

For the professional on your Christmas gift list, we found an amazing nostalgic cassette player business card case. This case has all the retro charm and function. Use it to hold or display your business cards.

Another retro Christmas gift idea is a subscription to Reminisce or Good Old Days Magazine. These magazines are filled with genuine reader submitted stories from the past and chock full of retro vintage images. A great retro gift idea.

You can find these amazing one of a kind retro Christmas gifts and more here and on our Retro Christmas page.

Merry Christmas Old Souls xx

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