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Space Age Masterpieces By Richard Arbib - Retro Eye Candy Vol 6

Richard Arbib studied at Pratt, started his career by working at General Motors and Henney while doing odd jobs such as designing covers for magazines like The Galaxy Science Fiction.

He designed watches for: Marcel Boucher, Paulo Gucci, Hamilton, Sheffield, as well as Omega.

He designed boats for Century Boat Co.

He designed autos for Henney/Packard, GM and Cadillac.

Clocks for Hamilton and General Electric.

He also designed vacuum cleaners and dirigibles (blimps). Some of his designs were made, and some were not.

One of his most famous cars was the Astra-Gnome, which was featured on the cover of Newsweek in 1956.

Here are more of his space age creations.


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