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Retro Atomic Inspiration: Top 12 Picks For The Home

Retro Atomic Home Decor

Sputnik, atomic energy and the space age had a big influence on the Retro Atomic style of the 1950s , early 1960s. Starbursts. boomerangs, round shapes, modern lines were inspired from the excitement of space travel, prosperity, endless possibilities and the future.

Personally, I'm enamored with this retro style. It seems as though the designs of the 1950s were more cutting edge and futuristic looking then they are today. Strange really.

I remember as a child, watching The Jetson's and imagining all the flying cars and robot's in the not so distant future. The year 2000 would surely be different, I thought. Alas, I am still waiting for Rosie to do my housework.


One promising area of futuristic design is in the home decorating sector. Mid Century Modern and Retrofuturism have made a huge comeback in popularity and with it some spectacular new products are being developed.

Here are 12 Retro Home Decor Products Inspired by the Space Age Era and Futurism:

Fred Humidifier

1. Fred Humidifier- Although technically speaking this is not a home decor item this space age retro style is a work of modern art. Using only a gallon of water a day on low setting, it will keep the dry air at bay and sooth cold, allergy and asthma symptoms. Humidifiers also help extend the life furniture from the damaging effects of a dry environment.

Nomad Tablet Table

2. Nomad Tablet Table- With a special slot to keep your tablet upright, this circular table is small enough to be able to used as a desk while relaxing on the couch or in bed.

The Pill

3. The Pill- This round wall cabinet opens up to a space saving desk or bar. Available in white, yellow blue or black.

Pitch Pendant Light

4. Pitch Pendant Lamp- The outer shade of this pendant lamp can be guided in any direction and looks even better clustered in a group.

Cloud Cabinet Shelves

5. Cloud Cabinet Shelves- Made of powder coated steel, these overlapping rectangular shelves are perfect for storing books or knick knacks.

Q Fan

6. Q Fan- Are you a Q fan? Then you'll love this retro style fan. Made from stainless steel and aluminum it will create a nice breeze and keep you cool.

7. The Pure Foosball Table- Often considered lots of fun but a decorating eyesore. Not anymore. This futuristic foosball table looks a treat.

Aqua Mid Mod Credenza

8. Aqua Mid Mod Credenza- Great for use as a TV stand, armoire, bar cart, office cabinet or the perfect complement to your bedroom set. Available in natural birch or a walnut finish.

Hairpin TV

9. JALG TV Stand- Turns your flat screen TV into a Mid Century Modern Decor Piece. With choice of Black, Red or Yellow hair pin legs.

Gonzalo Floor Lamp

10. Gonzalo Floor Lamp- This spherical floor lamp has a real atomic vibe to it. Gold finish on the shade and black leg tripod base.

Sunburst Pendant Light

11. Sunburst Pendant- Pure Sputnik style . This pendant light is certain to be the focal point in what ever room you hang it. Comes with a gold color finish.

Mid Century Modern Barkcloth Print Coffee Table

12. Mid Century Modern Bark Cloth Print Coffee Table- A revival of retro atomic style artwork on a birch table top with beveled edges and choice of black or gold legs.

Looking for more Retro Home Decor ? Discover our unique handpicked vintage decor items here .

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