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Retro Atomic Inspiration: Top 12 Picks For The Home

Retro Atomic Home Decor

Sputnik, atomic energy and the space age had a big influence on the Retro Atomic style of the 1950s , early 1960s. Starbursts. boomerangs, round shapes, modern lines were inspired from the excitement of space travel, prosperity, endless possibilities and the future.

Personally, I'm enamored with this retro style. It seems as though the designs of the 1950s were more cutting edge and futuristic looking then they are today. Strange really.

I remember as a child, watching The Jetson's and imagining all the flying cars and robot's in the not so distant future. The year 2000 would surely be different, I thought. Alas, I am still waiting for Rosie to do my housework.


One promising area of futuristic design is in the home decorating sector. Mid Century Modern and Retrofuturism have made a huge comeback in popularity and with it some spectacular new products are being developed.

Here are 12 Retro Home Decor Products Inspired by the Space Age Era and Futurism: