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How Teenage Girls Transformed The War Effort in the 1940's | Retro Time Machine Vol 4

In this series of the Retro Time Machine, we travel back to the 1940's and discover how teenage girls kept war materials rolling in factories all across America.

A young blue eyed blond is instructing elders to become inspectors and machine operators in a big war plant. Outside you can hear the faint hum of powerful machinery. Another girl in the same factory is an accomplished electrician working on a Vega Ventura Bomber.

These were the "soldiers of production" in war plants across America in the 1940's.

1940s teenage war worker

With soldiers going off to war, manpower became a problem. The nation geared for war, had to draw on it's youth reserves. And many girls were eager to serve in the crisis.

School's across the country piloted programs for young women. Program's were structured so girls could continue their studying and find em