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Fifties Nostalgia | Retro Eye Candy Vol 4

This weeks Retro Eye Candy series features fifties nostalgia.

During the fifties convenience was king. And there was no place this was more evident than the 1950’s kitchen. From prepackaged meal kits to the first TV dinner, housewives were suddenly getting a little more time to themselves.

Another place where newly found convenience was sprouting up was vending machines. Machines served up pre-made sandwiches, soup, coffee, ball point pens and even ice cream.

Advancements in technology also gave rise to conveniences in machinery. Shiny new kitchen appliances, washers, dryers and air conditioning were now available. Offered in lovely pastel colors.

All this new tech shaved hours off housewives work, but it also increased energy demand. During this time energy usage increased three fold in some areas..

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