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Retro Style: Cats Eye Glasses

On my latest search for retro treasures I stumbled upon an article from the 1950s featuring designers of unique retro style cats eye glasses.

The married duo, the Schneider's, sold exclusively in Australia and created their masterpieces in a small workroom outside Stuttgart. Their inspiration behind the bejeweled creations began after the war. An optician by trade, Mr. Schneider was approached by soldiers asking him to create frames that would conceal their facial scars.

Feeling the 1950's woman who wore glasses were just as self conscious, they began designing unique retro style cats eye glasses. Together the husband and his 50s housewife set about studying facial types and experimenting which frames would best accentuate the good points of the face and minimize the less attractive ones.

They designed scrolls of semi precious jewels for evening wear and motifs of gold and silver for daytime. These creations were one of a kind. Each were made to order and suited to compliment the wearers hair and skin coloring, cosmetics and 50's clothing style.

Today they are works of art and pieces of 50s retro style history.

50 Style Retro Cats eye Glasses
50s style cats eye glasses

You can find similar cats eye glasses being made today. Below is from one of our favorite retailers.

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Aug 27, 2021

Great post thhank you

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