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10 Retro Vintage Mothers Day Photos That Will Touch Your Heart - Retro Eye Candy Vol 6

There is something so heartwarming about the love between a mother and child. It is a love unconditional and pure.

Here is a vintage photo collection of some famous mothers for this installment of Retro Eye Candy. Enjoy!

Doris Day washing behind son Terry's ears 1950.

Lucy with her son & daughter c. 1960.

Gene Tierney with her daughter, Christina, in 1951. Photographed by Jean Howard.

Lauren Bacall with daughter, Leslie Bogart.

Jane Powell and Elizabeth Taylor with their children, 1955.

Jacqueline Kennedy with her daughter Caroline, c. 1958.

Shirley Temple reading to her son, Charles Black, Jr. in 1957.

Dustin Hoffman and his mother.

Betty Grable pictured with her daughters Jessica and Victoria in 1956.

Audrey Hepburn with her son Sean Hepburn Ferrer.

Vintage Motto Picture, Mother Poem, Reverse Painting, Art Deco, Foil c1940

To mothers everywhere thank you for all the love you give. I hope you are appreciated every day of the year.


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