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Women's fashion of the 1950s were made to flatter and accentuate different body shapes in a classy and feminine way. Below are some examples of these classic 50s styles and how to bring these looks from the past into the present:

Pencil dress or skirt: This classic style is straight lined and falls just below the knee. Modest and business like, this 50's style can elongate the figure when paired with a short fitted jacket or shrug. However shorter women should choose a length just above the knee.

Pencil Dress in Black.jpg
Pencil Skirt with Bow.jpg
Plaid Wiggle Skirt.jpg
50s Bombshell Silver Wiggle Dress.jpg

Wiggle dress or skirt: Made famous by the Hollywood bombshell's of the 50's. This style enhances a hourglass figure by hugging every curve. Because of this, it's recommended the proper foundation wear be worn underneath to accentuate the figure.

Full Circle dress or skirt: This classic 50's look has a full flowing flare. It works well with pear shapes figures by creating a smaller waist and hiding wide hips.

50s Style Coral Gingham Full Skirt.jpg
Retro Aqua Gingham Dress with Bows.jpg
Retro Black Fishtail Wiggle Skirt.png
Retro Fish Tail Wiggle Dress.jpg

Fish Tailed Skirt or Mermaid Skirt: This style is form fitting with a flare towards the hem. The bottom flare helps balances out wide hips while accentuating curves.

High Waisted Skirt: This 50's style nips in at the smallest part of the waist and therefore is a perfect choice for women with an apple shaped figure. It conceals the tummy area and draws the eye towards the legs.

50's Style Green Striped Skirt.png
Retro Peplum Wiggle Skirt
50s Housewife Striped Shirt Dress.jpg

A-line dress or skirt: This 50's style slightly flares out and is a perfect choice for a slender woman who wishes to create the illusion of curves. It also works well in a longer length for women who are pear shaped and has a slimming effect.

Wrap Dress: This classic housewife style was a staple in the 50's. It offered comfort and ease for everyday chores. It works well with all body types.

Aqua Wrap Dress.jpg
Wrap Dress 2.jpg
Empire Waist Dress.jpg
Red Empire Waist Dress.jpg

Empire Waist Dress: This 50's style gathers in close just below the breast and flairs out. It is a good choice for those with wide hips and flattens stomachs.

Cigarette Pants: This style pant is form fitting straight legged and ends just above the ankle. It is form fitting and good for slender or confident curvy women. The bombshells of the 50's would pair cigarette pants with a tight fitting sweater and scarf.

50s Inspired Cigarette Pants in Gingham.
50s Cigarette Leg Pants.jpg

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Written By: Retro Curator - Rachel Davies

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