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How to make a circle skirt from the 50s and still be fashionable today 

Circle Skirts gained popularity in the early 50s. According to Life magazine, the fashion trend started in California and moved east. 

Novelty prints were the most prevalent. With the poodle skirt becoming the icon of the decade. However, many different applique or painted designs were created.  

The ease of making your own circle skirt meant that all one needed was material and an imagination. 

Here's a pattern on how to make your own circle skirt featured in Life Magazine in 1950. 

How To Make 50's Circle Skirt

Full skirts are still featured as runway trends today. The classic full skirt style is still going strong. And why wouldn't it.  It's comfortable, airy and has a lovely feminine swing and flare that can go from formal to casual.

50s circle skirt then and now .jpg

Add a petticoat and stockings for a voluminous and formal look. For a more casual approach, pair your full skirt with a t-shirt, sweater or button down blouse.  The 1950's circle skirt fashion lives on.

Below is one of my favorite classic 50's circle skirt that is available now.


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50s style circle skirt teal
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